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101 Ingenious Income and Wealth Generating Opportunities for Moms

101 Ingenious Income and Wealth Generating Opportunities for Moms

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When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.
— Helen Keller

Motherhood and starting a family can set back a woman from her career goals. A baby could mean a few months or years of focused child rearing and homemaking, away from work, career, and income generating activities. However, a lot of moms have also found a way to continue their careers or create new moneymaking opportunities.

The new and empowered women of today do not let themselves boxed in with the traditions or circumspection. The new moms are bold, intelligent, and determined. They know exactly what they want, it’s just a matter of finding the way how to achieve their goals.

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Start by knowing what your strengths are. Then learn how you can make use of your gifts, talent, time, and skills in order to generate wealth, financial security, and success.


There are endless earning opportunities from writing. J.K. Rowling was a struggling single mom before she sold her Harry Potter books. Do not sell yourself short, if you think you can write and you have endless storylines and plots running through your mind, time to get serious and start writing. Aside from fiction writing, there are many other ways you can earn from writing.  

writer mom at work

1.       Blogging. Create your own blog and write just about anything. Most successful blogs earn millions of dollars in advertising placements and affiliate marketing.

2.       E-book Writing. E-books are electronic books that are usually shorter than traditional paper printed books. E-books cover specific subjects, instructional how-tos, and short stories.

3.       Copywriting. If you’re into sales copies, marketing letters, and promotional content – copywriting is for you. Copywriters are paid a premium for compelling and persuasive writing.

4.       Freelance Writing. If you cannot commit to a blog or a book, you can still earn through freelance writing. There are endless writing opportunities online – from content writing, article writing, and newsletter contribution, and a lot more.

5.       Business Plan Writing. For the business oriented mommies, you can earn big time through business plan writing. It will need lots of research and business understanding, but the rewards will be worth your while.

6.       Journalism. Most newspapers have gone online, and so did its subscription and contribution. Anyone with journalistic fervor can contribute to leading news magazines and websites like Huffington Post, Time Magazine, or to your local newspapers.

7.       Ghostwriting. Writers who have the time and the talent could ghostwrite for other people who doesn’t have either. Ghostwriters usually write on ideas or story lines developed by others who don’t have the time, patience, or the talent for writing.

8.       Children’s Book Writing. Young moms are more attuned to the minds and imagination of young children. This is the reason why moms are behind the best children’s books ever written.

9.       Book Reviewer. Don’t have the knack for creative writing? You can review books instead. Writers, online bookstores, and libraries need reviewers to read and provide feedback on their books.

10.   Movie Review Writer. You can also write movie reviews. There are many websites that require review content, students who need review papers, or you can create your own movie review blog.

11.   Freelance Editing. Opportunities for freelance editing abound. English major moms or anyone who has the required language expertise can earn extra bucks from freelance editing.

12.   Speech Writing. Do you have the knack for extemporaneous speaking, but don’t have the stage? Use your talent to earn money by writing speeches for other people. Politicians, public personalities, and leaders all need writers to craft their speeches.

13.   Resume Writing. There is an art to resume writing. Master it and you earn easy money, while helping people present themselves the best way possible.

14.   Translator. Bilinguals have a huge earning opportunity in translation work. As the world gets smaller, government offices and businesses with global scope need speakers and translators to ensure clear communications and secure negotiations.

Culinary and Kitchen Skills

Food business is one of the most lucrative business industries. If you’re one of those persons who just love to cook and prepare good food for other people, here are several income-generating ideas you will love;

happy mom in the kitchen

15.   Cake Making. Everyone loves a cake, but cake making requires a lot of work, special skills, and time-consuming. That is why people are more than willing to pay for especially made, delicious, and ready for pickup cakes.

16.   Cupcake Making. Cupcakes are very popular party favorites. Especially decorated cupcakes are pretty, delicious, and make ideal gifts or party favors.

17.   Catering. Caterers are huge earners. Preparing party food, serving, and cleaning up after the event is hard work. But saving people the biggest hassle of throwing a party is deservedly well compensated.

18.   Baking. Fond of baking and creating luscious pastries, cookies, pies, and other baked desserts? There is a huge market for homemade goodies. Make your love for baking earn you money!

19.   Health Food Delivery. More and more people are jumping into the healthy living bandwagon. As home cooked meals are still the healthiest, there is a market for fresh, healthy, and wholesome cooked meal delivery.

20.   Personal Chef. Cooking for other people can earn you a pretty penny. If you love cooking, you can work a few hours a day as personal chef for people who don’t have the time, or the culinary skills.

21.   Meal Planning. Nutritionists can earn side income by planning, marketing, and preparing special meals for people with special dietary needs.

22.   Recipe Writing. Write down your own recipes, handed down family cooking secrets, or your collection of favorite recipes. Writing and selling a recipe book is a great passive income idea.

23.   Cooking Lessons. Sharing your knowledge and experience in cooking is a fun way to earn money. It is a great socializing opportunity as it is money earning.

Start a Business

Starting a business is a serious business and would need a lot of time and focus. However, a lot of moms have managed to start their own companies and continue to beautifully manage their homes. The key is knowing how much time you commit to your new endeavor and choosing the business that will suit you best.

mom working at a flower shop

24.   Etsy Boutique. Are you into crafts? Creative and crafty moms can sell their creations on Etsy. There is a minimal cost to open an Etsy shop. You might need the services of a good designer for your online shop and a professional photographer for your products. You will also be required to coordinate with Etsy for the payment processing and couriers for the delivery of your products.

25.   Shoe and Bag Business. We all love shoes and bags! Why not make a business out of it? If you have the knack for designing, starting a bag and/or shoe company is not a bad idea at all.

26.   Café Business. A café business is big enough to sustain a significant income, yet manageable enough for a busy mom. It is also flexible, you can open a hole-in-the-wall shop, a Starbucks branch, an upscale cake, coffee, and tea bar, or a chic neighborly shop.

27.   Buy and Sell Business. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There’s money in scouring and buying stuff that are seemingly worthless, cleaning them up a bit, and then putting them up on Craigslist. You’ll never know, but be prepared for lots of pleasant surprises.

28.   Restaurant Business. People will always need food, and are constantly looking for something new. The restaurant business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can open with minimal capitalization.

29.   Souvenir Items Business. Birthdays, weddings, christening, and other life’s milestone events are marked with parties and souvenir gifts. Personalized souvenir items are perfect for these events.

30.   Ice Cream Parlor Business. The perfect side business during warm months. And if you live in tropical or warm areas, this can be a major source of income.

31.   Franchising Business. Franchising significantly decreases business risks. You just need to find a franchise company that parallels your personality and preferences.

32.   Bed and Breakfast Business. Don’t know what to do with the extra rooms in the house? Or a large backyard where you can build cottages or cabins? Start a bed and breakfast business! This is especially suitable if you’re in a popular tourist area.

33.   Flower Shop Business. What could be more cheery that selling flowers? People need flowers for the happiest and best reasons. So, if you have the knack of arranging flowers beautifully and loves being around blooms all the time, this is the business for you.

34.   Recycling Business. Starting a green business is hitting two birds with one stone. You earn money, and you’re doing your part of saving the environment.

35.   Flea Market Business. This is a great option to earn money part time. Flea market business is a great alternative for bakers, gardeners, farmers, and artisans to sell their goods and/or produce.

36.   Soap Making. You can start an organic soap business from your kitchen. It’s easy, low-scale, and creative way for moms to earn money.

37.   Perfumery. High-end perfumes are certainly pricey! But, do you know that you can easily concoct your own scents and even sell it?

Arts and Design

Artist and creative people need to constantly create and express themselves through art. Creativity should be sustained even through demanding and exciting times such as motherhood. Here are ways artist moms can earn money while enjoying their artistry.

designer at work

38.   Jewelry Design. Love jewelry and designs? Bespoke jewelry is popular and people want their own special creations for the most important jewelry pieces like engagement rings, wedding rings, brooches, and other trinkets.

39.   Gown Design and Creation. Is high fashion more like your expertise? Time to take out those sketch pads and forming your creations. Start low-key and low-priced – a prom gown for your teen neighbor, bridesmaid dresses, or even skaters’ outfits. The key is to let people know your designs and what you can offer.

40.   Graphic Design. There are endless demand for logo, banner, brochure, and other print material designs. Businesses will always need marketing and promotional materials and will hire people who have the talent to create and design them.

41.   Photo/Video Editing. Photoshopping and video editing are no longer just for celebrities. Everyone needs to put their best image forward. Professionals need to beef up their online profiles with great photos or videos.

42.   Drawing and Illustration. Use your creativity to earn money. Children’s book publishers, comic books, and animation need your talent for drawing, sketching, and illustration.

43.   Scrapbooking. Crafting and scrapbooking can be a fun way to earn money if you enjoy it. People hire crafters to organize and create something wonderful out of their old photos and other special memorabilia.

Professional Services

Trained professionals – lawyers, designers, musicians, accountants, and brokers are not immune to the challenges of motherhood. Often, they are the most affected by the significant change – from a dynamic corporate or professional day-to-day living, to full-time child-rearing and homemaking. Through careful time-management and determination, you can still be a full-time mom while practicing your profession.

mom working

44.   Bookkeeping. A lot of businesses nowadays outsource their bookkeeping needs to freelancers. Bookkeeper moms who cannot take on a full-time office job can still earn by bookkeeping from home.

45.   Academic Tutoring. Teachers and educators can easily earn extra during their off hours. They can book a couple of hours a day or more on weekends.

46.   Real Estate Agent. Real estate business is rewarding and do not require fixed hours and schedules. Anyone can run a real estate business and still maintain their family and home commitments.

47.   Real Estate Investing. Real estate investments are passive income earners that do not require a lot of time and attention. Property flipping and renting out are two of the most rewarding real estate investment schemes.

48.   Musical Instrument Tutoring. You can earn a pretty penny by teaching neighborhood kids how to play musical instruments. That’s one fun way to augment your income.

49.   Tax Preparation. Tax preparation is a seasonal requirement for business enterprises. Bigger companies would hire their own accountant, or an accounting firm. Smaller organizations would opt for individual tax preparers. Take advantage of the demand, it certainly pays!

50.   Medical Transcriptionist. Professionals in the medical industry – nurses, midwives, medical technicians, and even medical students can make extra income by way of medical transcriptions.

51.   Legal Transcription Service. Similar opportunities go to professionals in the legal industry – lawyers, law researchers, investigators, law students can make extra income by way of legal transcriptions.

52.   Landscape Design. Landscape designers can set up a side business offering design and other landscape and yard services.

53.   Interior Decorating. Do not let motherhood and homemaking stop you from showcasing your flair for interior designs. Let your friends and family know you’re still in business and would take on part time design work.


Coaching and consulting services do not require as much time and attention as starting a business. You can also be flexible with your schedule and keep your family as your top priority. The only requirement is for you to have the proper qualifications, insight, wisdom, and knowledge of the subject you will be focusing on.

smart mom

54.   Life Coaching. Mentors and life coaches are often behind the most successful public figures – politicians, top athletes, and business leaders. If you have the insight, the wisdom, and the coaching aptitude, life coaching can earn you a good income.

55.   Business Consulting. Business practitioners and professionals can offer consultancy services to new and struggling organizations. This would only need your knowledge, expertise, and a reputable business exposure.

56.   Motivational Speaking. Are you a natural speaker with a lot of inspiring stories and experiences to tell? A lot of motivational speakers made a career out of their engagements, and they earn a good income too!

Home and Personal Care Services

As kids get older and more independent, moms found themselves ample free time they can use productively. Offering home help and personal services do not require intensive training or study. Moms are already experts on that! Use your time to help out other moms and earn money at the same time.

mom cleaning home

57.   House Sitting. This side business is ideal for moms with older kids. House sitting require taking care of homes while the owners are away. The job usually includes basic pet care, plant care, sweeping and dusting, taking in the mail, taking out of trash, and sometimes sleeping in the house.

58.   House Cleaning. House cleaners just work a few hours a day, giving moms ample time to spend with her family. You can also set up a house cleaning business – book the jobs, manage house cleaners, and earn by commission.

59.   Baby Sitting. Moms are the most preferred baby sitters, and they can also command higher rates. If you can’t get enough of baby cuddles and fun, babysit for a few hours and earn good money.

60.   Day Care Operation. Help out other moms and earn a pretty penny at the same time. Setting up a day care center from home will need proper certification and permits.

61.   Pest Control Service. Not everyone has the skill or the gumption to manage home pest outbreak. Setting up the business needs proper certification from your city, trained staff, and special equipment.

Personal Assistance Services

Moms develop a special set of skills they can exploit and earn serious money from. From organizing, smart shopping, to beauty and wellness treatments. Share your skills, help out a friend, and earn extra income while you’re at it.

mom fashion consulting from home

62.   Party Coordinator. Isn’t planning half the fun of the party? If you agree, then why not be a party planner and coordinator? You get to have the fun, and you get paid while doing it too!

63.   Fashion Consulting. Naturally fashionable moms can earn extra cash by way of fashion consultancy. Be the fashion adviser, outfit guide, and overall style guru for other women who do not have your gift.

64.   Personal Shopping. How can anybody forego a delightful activity such as shopping? As much as you love shopping, some people don’t, and some don’t have the luxury of time for the exercise. So they hire people who can shop for them.

65.   Mobile Hairstyling. Working as a mobile hairstylist do not require fixed hours or the expense of setting up a physical hair salon. You just need few equipment and awesome flair to build up your clientele.

66.   Mobile Spa Business. Spa and massage are the ultimate pampering we need after long days of work. And many people would prefer to enjoy this very intimate service at home. With the right skills and equipment, you can operate your own mobile spa service.

67.   Beauty Consulting. Beauty and style expert moms make good money by way of beauty consultancy. This usually involves makeup tutorials, skin care advising, fashion, and posture instructions.

68.   Wedding Planner. Isn’t it glorious to just go back to your wedding day? Relive memories and help out new brides organize their wedding. Wedding planners earn serious dollars and lifelong friends too!

69.   Product Testing. Consumer product companies hire random people to use and test their products before launching to the general market. Product testers get to enjoy the product and get paid too in exchange of an honest feedback and product assessment.

70.   Mystery Shopper. Get paid for shopping! Supermarkets, boutiques, and service providers hire mystery shoppers to effectively evaluate the level of service provided by their staff.

71.   Uber Driving. Love driving around? Use your spare time driving other people around town using the Uber system.

72.   Chauffeuring. Chauffeuring is a good way to earn money if you don’t have much time to spare. No training or capital needed to start earning, you just need your driver’s license and an excellent driving record.

Pet Care and Services

Animal lovers just can’t get enough time around furry and cuddly friends. Turn your love and dedication to animals into income-generating ventures!

mom pet sitting

73.   Dog Walking. Exercise, get out for some air, and enjoy the company of adorable dogs while earning money! Dog walkers are paid by the hour and clientele can easily grow.

74.   Pet Sitting. Pet parents hire pet sitters when they need to be away for more than a few days. Tasks vary depending on the pet, the job usually includes feeding, walking, bathing, and playing for the dogs, and feeding, litter box clean up, and company time for cats.

75.   Cattery Business. Can’t get enough of cats?! Set up a cattery business from home and earn from your feline adoration. Proper permits and certifications might be required.

76.   Pet Grooming. With the rise of people opting pets in lieu of children, pet grooming is a booming business.


Some people have the knack for selling, many don’t. If you’re one of those who are natural at selling, take advantage of your edge and earn extra income from part-time selling opportunities.

mom selling from home

77.   Direct Selling. Remember the iconic Avon Lady? Today, there are more options and companies who offer direct selling opportunities to moms. You can also develop your own product and sell to your neighbors, friends, family, and their friends and family.

78.   Online Selling. Everything is slowly and surely shifting from the physical to the virtual. Starting an online store is easy. Create business page, promote online, and build a selling website. Several social media platforms help businesses take off.  

79.   Telephone Marketer. Telemarketing is a selling and promotional technique that involves calling random or pre-selected people in the hopes of promoting or selling a product. If you have the selling knack, this is a side business that you can conduct right from your home office.


The internet is a whole new realm where everything and everyone exists. And just like the IRL world, business, interactions, and socialization happen a lot online. Thus the need for virtual artists, marketers, and entertainers! A whole new world to explore, and earn money from, this time without leaving your home.

happy mom working online

80.   Website Developer. People from around the world are building websites for a lot of different purposes. Web developers can generate a good income from helping set up, design, and build websites.

81.   Internet Research. The internet is the new encyclopedia and more! Moms can work as researchers for people who needs information. Time is flexible and pay depends on the complexity of the task. Most of the research is done online, so the only requirement is a good internet connection.

82.   Affiliate Marketing. Have you been maintaining a blog and want to monetize your website? Affiliate marketing is a great passive income earner. You will just need to work with online companies, place ads and links in your website, and any turnover coming from your site will earn you a commission.

83.   Software Developer. Developing a software may look like a lot of work, but once you create a program or a software that you can sell, you have also produced a cash cow that will generate you income for a long time.

84.   Online Marketer. SEO or search engine optimization is the collective techniques to promote and market a website so it ranks in the search engine returns, and exponentially increasing its traffic and business. SEO marketers earn big bucks, especially when their supported sites are ranking.

85.   YouTube Channel. A breed of celebrities is created on YouTube. The video sharing platform offers unlimited income opportunities to its most popular and prolific video uploaders.

86.   Virtual Assistant. Moms can still work as office assistants from home. Virtual assistants are office support staff whose tasks usually includes appointment setting, research, document filing, transcription, writing, social media marketing, and other related tasks as required by their employer.

87.   Online Language Teaching. Bilinguals can earn a significant side income by teaching languages online. The virtual classroom setup requires for a stable internet connection and a quiet work room free of distraction and background noise.

Sports and Fitness

Keeping fit is important, especially for moms who have to be fit and healthy to be able to take care of her family. And what better way to keep fit than to help and guide others to wellness and health?

fit mom exercising

88.   Sports Coach. Coaching kids and up-and-coming athletes can be a very rewarding side job. And that is more than just financially speaking. You get to continue engagement with your chosen sport, help others improve, and you earn a good income while doing it.

89.   Fitness Trainer. Keeping fit is tough, that is why people are willing to pay partners, instructors, and motivators. Zumba dance instructors, gym trainers, and trail buddies earn while they keep fit.

90.   Yoga Classes. Yogis can earn constant additional income by holding yoga sessions from home! Turn your fitness or spare room into a yoga space. You don’t even have to leave the house!

91.   Dance Studio. Dancing is a fun and creative way of keeping fit. Different dance genre makes it adaptable to everyone from young kids to the elderly. Build a dance studio and share your passion and dancing skills.

Performance Art

Moms who are naturally gifted with amazing performing skills and talents should not abandon their art in favor of motherhood and homemaking. Instead, they should take advantage of their gift and use it as a tool to start or continue a wealth generating career!

mom and daughter models

92.   Wedding Singer. Blessed with a divine voice, but family duties hinder you from taking a more active singing career? Take on a more relaxed, but just as rewarding and fabulous side job as a wedding singer.

93.   Voice-over Artist. Even your speaking voice can earn you easy money. Voice-over gigs are available online looking for artists to lend their voice to videos. You just have to read a script and record your voice!

94.   Modeling. Modelling is a lucrative side job open to almost anyone. Just submit your portfolio to advertising companies, you never know what type of model or look advertisers are looking for. You can also include your baby or kids. There’s nothing wrong in earning money early on!

Hobbies to Business

What can be more fulfilling than earning good money from your hobbies? Turning your passion into something that will financially sustain you is rewarding and could be your key to a happy and successful life.

gardening mom

95.   Gardening. Green thumbs enjoy fresh produce and save on food money. Any surplus harvests can also be sold to neighbors or at the farmers’ market. Gardening work also helps keep them fit.

96.   Photography. Do not let motherhood and family duties stop you from your photography. You can also earn a significant side income selling your pictures. Upload your image to photo selling platforms online or set up your own image selling website.

97.   Portrait Photography. People still pay professionals to take their pictures, especially for professional profile pictures, social media profiles pictures, life milestones and events, and even for their pets. You can set up your studio at home or be a mobile photographer.

98.   Travel Planning. Travel seasoned moms can earn extra income easy by planning vacation itineraries, offer travel guides, and booking assistance. It’s a lot like planning your own travels!

99.   Tour Guide. If you’re living in a tourist town or a major city, you can offer part time services as a tour guide.

100.                        Art Classes. Artist and art inclined moms can offer art classes to share their skills and develop potentials among the young. You can easily set up classes for painting, drawing, sculpting and other popular art forms.

101.                        Videography. Handy behind the camera? Offer videography services and earn extra income. People want to document and preserve memories of special events like weddings, special trips, birthdays, and company events.

happy successful mom

Do not let motherhood be the end of a fulfilling and exciting chapter of your life. Let it be a start of a new, more rewarding, more fun, and more enriching life and career! You just need to find the best way for you to generate the wealth that will sustain your needs and free you to pursue your dreams.

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