The Ultimate Secret of Success

The most successful people have different stories to tell, have different motivation and propose, and different challenges to overcome. But all stories include perseverance, focus, and a lot of hard work. And that one courageous first step. The leap of faith.

Expert Guide to Setting up your Home Bakery Business

Baking is a popular startup business for moms. Mommies love or have developed a love for cooking and baking. Baking, designing, decorating, and baking lovely creations is creative and fun. The business can easily be incorporated into any kitchen. It is not time limiting so baker moms can still take care of their family. Everyone loves cakes and other baked goodies, so there is always a market for it.

What makes Motherhood So Hard?

Mothers are the epitome of love, care, support, and understanding. We are supposed to be forever giving, understanding, and supportive. And we are. Mothers are naturally wired to provide for their young. And motherhood is a lifetime commitment. It doesn’t end after graduation, or when they get married and starts a life of their own.

The Great Motherhood Debate: To Work or Stay at Home

The turn of the last century has given us tremendous technological advancements. These changes have also shaken the working concept. And for the first time in many decades, the trend of working moms has declined. While backlash to going against the tide used to be an issue, women of today are no longer dictated by social norms. With the open choices and options, would you work or stay?

14 Common Traits of Highly Successful Women

Success is relative. Your idea of success might be different from anybody else’s. Know what are important to you and what you consider as components of a successful life. Is it fame, fortune, properties, friends, power, freedom? The key is to achieve your own kind of success.

10 Beautiful Ways to Motivate Yourself

Positive and proactive people are all self-motivated. They do not rely on other people, certain events or accumulation of wealth to make them happy. Their happiness starts with themselves. These are the people who are just impossible to deject. People who struggle with self-motivations are also those who can’t seem to shake off despair and trials.

8 Personal Finance Philosophies of the Rich

One thing that is common and evident among the wealthy and successful is their ability to master their personal finance. Self-made millionaires and billionaires are known to be thrifty, sensible and frugal. Schools do not really teach personal finance and many believe that the ability to handle money well is a natural flair rather than a learned art.

The Bittersweet Realities of Single Motherhood

Single motherhood is no longer the frowned upon novelty like it was just a few decades ago. Almost half of today’s families are headed by a single parent, most of them women. Yet, despite the seeming recognition and acceptance of single motherhood, society still has a way of disparaging single moms. Your choice or not, being a single mom takes a lot of mettle. It is hard, rewarding, agonizing, and uplifting.

50 Deepest Regrets of a Woman

Looking back, what do you see? Do you see a wasted life or well-lived happy days? Are you full of regrets and wished you could go back and change how you lived? Or smile reminiscing the old days of your youth? Unfortunately, you can never go back and relive your life as your wiser self would have wanted to. You’re only left with regrets.

12 Time Management Tips for Moms

Moms are the busiest! You wonder, is it a mom thing to be busy all the time? Whether you are working out of home, working from home, managing your own business, or is a full-time homemaker, you’re almost always busy to the hilt. Cheer up, Mom!

10 Tips for Moms Starting a Business from Home

Starting a business is hard enough. And when you’re a mom, raising kids and running a home, that’s an almost impossible job! But it has been done, so it is possible. A lot of successful entrepreneur moms started their businesses from home. If other moms can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t!

Game Changers for Moms Wanting to Make It

Financial success do not come naturally. If you want to succeed, you will have to change yourself and your mindset. Nothing is impossible if you have the passion, the motivation, and the willingness to achieve your goals. Here are some game changing steps that will get you started on your journey to success.