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Hi Mammi's! My name is Adriana!

I'm a Mammi, just like you. Here are my stories and my secrets to a successful and happy life with Children.

Game Changers for Moms Wanting to Make It

Game Changers for Moms Wanting to Make It

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you have never done before.
— Thomas Jefferson

Financial success do not come naturally. If you want to succeed, you will have to change yourself and your mindset. Nothing is impossible if you have the passion, the motivation, and the willingness to achieve your goals. Here are some game changing steps that will get you started on your journey to success.

Face obstacles head on

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What is stopping you? Terrified of failure? Scared of sticking out and being different to what society is dictating you to be? Kids too young, or perhaps a controlling husband? Face your problems and you will find the solution. Resolve to be freed of your limitations, take action, baby steps to overcome hindrances.

Accept past mistakes and learn from it

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Do not dwell on the past. Your past mistakes do not define you. Everyone makes mistakes, and that is how we learn and get better. Accept things that you cannot change. Aim to rise from your mistakes, learn the lesson, and move forward wiser, stronger, better.

Recognize and learn to love your imperfections

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Nobody is made perfect, so do not wish for perfection. That quirky left eye brow might be the reason your husband fell for you. The little weight you gained after baby number two is just perfect for your frame. And the stretch mark! Those are testaments of your babies, what can be more beautiful?

Stay away from negative people

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Successful people surround themselves with the right people. People they can learn from, who inspires them, who encourages them to get out of their comfort zones, and who will be there no matter what. Eliminate people in your life who are not driving you to the wrong direction.

Cut back the clutter

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Eliminate the excesses of your life. Do you really have to get the newest iPhone? Do you really have to take yearly vacations because your friends are expecting you to? And you will only have designer stuff, of course. There is no value on buying or doing things only to impress other people. It’s only clutter, stop it.

Re-invent yourself

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Motherhood is an immense trigger for change. Women discover who they really are, know their true grit and personality. Overhaul your wardrobe, take up a new hobby or profession, or change your lipstick color. Change will give you a lease in life.

Learn something new

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Learn a new language, a new skill, how to play a new musical instrument. Learning something new reactivates the brain and forcefully takes you away from the auto pilot mode of your daily routine. New ideas and inspirations come with the enthusiasm of learning.

Take steps to be healthier

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A healthy body is key to a clear mind. Commit to take better care of yourself. Eat healthy, sleep well, lessen or eliminate harmful vices like smoking and excessive drinking, and avoid stress. Take up exercising and commit to maintaining a healthy body.

Do something you haven’t done before

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Successful people are risk takers. They are not afraid of crossing lines, going out of their comfort zones, or of failure. Start your journey to success by doing something new, something that might put you out on a limb, and something that you will give you confidence.

Make new friends

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Meet new people and make new friends. Reconnect with old acquaintances. Just keep in mind to filter out the negative influences. Create new relationships, but be wiser. Only keep in your network people who appreciate you and those who share the same commitment and aspirations.

Mend relationships

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Stop the hate and make amends with important people in your life. Resentments and unresolved issues will weigh you down on your journey to success. Love, understanding, and mutual support amongst family and friends are essential to a more fulfilling life.

Pursue your passion

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What do you truly love? What excites you and gives you fulfillment? Your true passion will be your means to success. Forget about the money. When you love what you do, financial rewards will soon follow.

Count your blessings

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Dissatisfaction and discontent come from looking too much on what’s missing. Take a minute to look around you, see the little things that you might have been ignoring. The small house is your happy home, your babies can be rowdy, but they’re smart as heck, your neighbor can be nosy, but you can count on her to water the plants or feed the cats when you’re away. Take stock of your countless little blessings.

Love yourself

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Forget humility and be honest with yourself. Do not discount the value of your quick wit, your shiny hair, or your creativity. Recognize your strengths, your exceptional talent, and your beauty. Love, be happy, and be proud of yourself. Get out there and show people what you can do.

Take full control of your life

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Know that you are ultimately responsible for your happiness and success. Your family, friends, and partner can only support and encourage you. Negative people can only dissuade you. You are in total control of your life and it will be you who have to take the initiative.

Set new goals

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Set new goals, set your sights to a better life, a better you. Goals will set a clearer path of action, create the tasks, and give you the tools required. Having a goal will motivate your actions and serve as your guiding light to success.

Pamper yourself

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Stop constantly pushing yourself to the limit. Be aware of your stress limits and give yourself a break. If the kids are not as agreeable – compromise, if dinner didn’t turn out right – call delivery, or if the going gets tough – get a massage. Everything is easier when you’re not too hard on yourself.


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The best dreams happen when you’re awake. Dreaming is your gateway to your ideal life. You start by dreaming, then you realize the possibility of your dreams, then you make plans, and before you know it, you’re working on the plans and everything is falling into place.

Believe in yourself

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Believe that you can make your dreams a reality. You are smart, you have the capability and the knowledge, and you have the planned all the details. There will always be risks involved, but you can manage that with enough diligence. And the biggest risk is in not trying at all.

Give back

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Have positive karma working for you. Giving back and being kind doesn’t have to cost you a lot. Save a kitten, donate your time, help out a friend, or bring food to your sick neighbor. The positive feeling of giving will perk you up against stress and pressure.

Choose happiness

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Always go where you are happy. Happiness is a state of mind that you can control. Do not wait for others to make you happy. Choose to be happy. You can find a lot of reasons to be happy if you look hard enough. Start looking at the girl on the mirror – the woman who has a child, a family, a home, a yapping puppy, and a full life to look forward to.

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