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25 Effective Ways for Moms to De-stress

25 Effective Ways for Moms to De-stress

stressed woman
Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
— John Lubbock

Moms are busy. Moms worry a lot. They have several hundred tasks to do, and more to come. Many have careers to succeed in, businesses to run, and all have a home to manage and kids to raise. How do we all manage that? Somehow, we survived the days, the weeks, the months, and the years! In fact, a lot of moms hurry life with the expectation of lesser burden, older kids, and easier tasks.

But where have all the years gone? You’re getting old without you knowing it. Don’t let motherhood and homemaking rob you of your happiness. Instead of the worries and the endless things to do, focus on the good things in your home. Of course you have to think about your kid’s future, about the budget, and of tonight’s dinner! Just don’t forget to relish life and to live in the present.

woman lying on the floor

Here are 25 fun activities to chase the tension and stress away. Most are inexpensive activities that you can enjoy alone or with your kids.

Talk to your mom

The best person to understand you is your mom! She will also be the best person to know how best you can deal with the issues. She’s been through your situation, she knows you well, and loves you unconditionally. You can be brutally honest or scream your frustrations, and your mom will understand.

mom and daughter talk

Put your favorite music on

Music can easily lift wilting spirits, perk up moods, and chase the blues away. Have a “Happy Songs” playlist ready for times when things get a little too much to handle. Put on your ear buds or simply blast your speakers off.

Dance, dance, dance!

Dancing can easily take away the pressure and strain from your body. Stretch your legs, move and twirl around, and shake your booty, sway your hips, and raise your arms! Getting lost in a dance pumps up the blood, clears the mind and invigorates the body.

belly dancer

Sing out loud!

Take out the karaoke and shout your frustrations away in a song! Singing releases the happy hormones, endorphins, elevates your mood, and lowers stress level and anxiety. Go ahead, sing your heart out, and don’t worry about your vocals!

Go for some retail therapy

Shopping it is! Even grocery shopping can help ease the strain. Or just hit the shops. To minimize the financial repercussions – just pick one or two items that you really like and (maybe) need, and splurge!

Take a nap

Napping will instantly energize the body and refresh the mind. You’ll work faster, be in a better mood, and think better when rested. An hour long midday nap can power you up for the rest of the day.

mom sleeping

Take a hot bath

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath. Find the quietest hour of the day – when the kids are asleep or at school, when you can indulge uninterrupted. Put on a good soothing music, light some scented candles and enjoy!

woman bathing in a hut tub

Indulge on your comfort snack

Eating is heavenly. When was the last time you really savored your meal or had anything that is not in the healthy list? Indulging in a slice of triple chocolate cake, two scoops of ice cream, or an entire pizza once in a while will not make you unhealthy, but it will definitely help ease the tension.

Brew some green tea

Green tea is naturally soothing and contains the amino acid theanine that counters the effects of caffeine and other stimulators. Theanine promotes relaxation.

woman enjoying a cup of tea

Get a massage

Getting a massage is downright relaxing. A good rub down help improve your mood, boost blood circulation, and strengthen your immune system. Go ahead and take your much needed pampering!

woman having a massage

Break out the sweat

Sweating pumps you up and clears the mind. Hit the gym, bake a cake, dance, or run with your dog. Choose a vigorous activity that you enjoy doing, anything that will make you sweat.


The practice of concentration helps ease tension and strain. Meditation also regulates your breathing, leading to a sense of calm and control.

mom meditating with children

Hit the yoga mat

Yoga is another effective stress reliever. Focus on the poses and breathing erases the worries, calms you down, and refreshes the body. You are also improving your posture and health, which is another reason to be happy about.

Call a friend

Going through the roof? Quick, call a friend, an especially chatty and gossipy friend and enjoy a good chat or an interesting bit of gossip for a good thirty minutes.

stressed mom on the phone

Pass on some tasks

Unload some of your tasks… that would feel really good! Ask your partner to do the dishes, watch the kids, or pick up the grocery. Or you can call for housekeeping, a baby sitter, or for somebody to do your laundry.

Take a hike

A brisk walk around the block can help clear your mind and ease the pressure off things. No preparations necessary, just get out of the door, bring the dog if you will. Everything will be in clearer perspective when you get back.

woman walking

Have a day off

A day off would really be lovely! This one seems implausible to many moms, but not really impossible, especially with older kids. You just need a supportive partner, or friend to take on your responsibilities for a day. Start planning your day off now!

Order delivery for dinner

Ordering food for dinner will take away a lot of work spent on preparing food for your family. No meal planning, no cooking, dirty dishes, and mess. Just order what you fancy and enjoy the food too!

Read a book

Reading will you take you away to another world, away from your present problems, the constant noise, worries, and chaos. It will also afford you some quiet time and intellectual entertainment. Just have the right kind of book ready whenever you need it.

woman reading

Cuddle with the little ones

Too many items on your worry list - dishes to wash, laundry to do, bills to pay? Just drop and forget everything and spend some quality time with your little ones. The list will not change, but your mood and outlook will significantly improve after spending time with your kids.

happy mom and kids

Go glam

This one’s a great confidence booster. Get a Brazilian blowout, have your nail done, or go for the much needed facial. You’ll look and feel a lot better after your saloon session.

Spend time with your pet

Pets are adorable, entertaining, and beloved almost-people family members. You can talk to them about anything and they will listen with those loving eyes – no judgement, no hate. They may not truly understand you, but they will definitely make you feel loved and needed.

Listen to nature sounds

You have the choice of going Zen when things get a little too crazy. Find a quiet spot and listen to nature sounds. Birds, forest, wind, and water sounds bring a sense of calm and stillness. Enjoy the serenity, clear your mind, and calm your heart.

bamboo stone water zen

Scan through your family album

Feeling down or too stressed out? Retrieve your family albums, and relive the good times! Looking through happy pictures of your family will bring out fond memories and remind you of the love and devotion you have for them. It will effectively drown out all the negative emotions that are drowning you.

Have a good cry

A long, loud, and ugly cry will do you a lot of good! Everyone does it, they just don’t talk about it. So, go into a room and let the emotions flow. The problems won’t disappear, but you will feel lighter, refreshed, and invigorated.  

crying mom
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