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A Guide to Parenting Successful Kids

A Guide to Parenting Successful Kids

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Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.
— James Baldwin

There are many factors that affect success. But the strongest and the most impacting factors are parents and parenting. How is your parenting style? Do you have what it takes to raise a successful child? Here are eight of the most common factor among successful adults. Read on and learn how to better raise your child to be a happy, responsible and successful adult.

Parents have meaningful relationship with their kids

Most happy and successful adults were raised in a happy, loving and nurturing environment. A few snags and spats here and there are common and are even positive ingredients to strengthen family relationships. Resentment, hate, jealousy and lack of attention are the real relationship killers. Make sure that those are not in your house. Presence is not the same as connection. Presence, attention, and care create meaningful relationship within your family.  

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Kids are taught social skills early on

Social skills are essential factor to success. Your child’s character will be the one that will carry him through adult challenges and to winning at life. Tolerance, respect, acceptance, patience, gratitude, integrity, and empathy are some of the inner strengths you should build on your child early on. Encourage him or her to socialize and play with other kids. Guide your child through conflicts, explain the differences and the importance of respecting those differences. It is then that they learn to handle rejection, failure, and other personal problems.

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Emphasis on trying, more than winning

Parents of successful children know the importance of trying, participating and effort put into any endeavor. Not so much on winning. They celebrate the performance, not just the victories. For it is in trying that you win, develop skills and learn self-improvement. If you focus on winning, your child will only be afraid of losing, and thus withdraw from even trying.

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Kids learn the concept of responsibility early

Responsible kids grew up to be responsible adults. Successful kids are given responsibilities early on. They usually have chores at home or pets to care for. With the chores and tasks, they learn the value of hard work, duty, and accountability. They will learn that the best way to get things done and over with is through initiative and positive action. They will also know the consequences of irresponsibility and of not doing things right.

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Parents are not stressed out

Successful adults will look back and remember their parents always agreeable, supportive and understanding. While most emotionally and financially challenged adults remember parents who were stressed out, problematic and distant. While you cannot control life and totally avoid getting stressed out, do not show it to your kids. If you have to, present to them the problem objectively, that way they see that you’re in control and can calmly resolve the issue.

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Kids learn math early

Everything starts with math. Reading, reasoning, solving problems, money matters, and planning are all based on numbers. Show your child how numbers can be helpful to them. Make it fun and bank on their inquisitive minds to develop their love for math and numbers. Use simple quizzes and puzzles and turn fun activities into math lessons.

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Parents show how to be successful

Parents walk the talk. They show their children how to be successful and what it takes to be successful. They have careers – a successful business, a profession or a passion. They are independent thinkers, decisive and have positive views in life. They have a life of their own – outside the family. Mothers could have jobs or businesses. Most importantly, successful adults were raised by parents who were able to balance family devotion and personal growth.

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Success is always in the picture

Parents who want their children to be successful have groomed them to be one from early childhood. They already set long term goals and planned on steps to achieving it. The future is laid out for the children to explore, possibilities are presented. Parents will provide everything a child would need in order to succeed, and they will expect their children to deliver. College education is something inevitable, and parents will let their kids know that success is one’s responsibility too.

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Success comes in many different forms. Your idea of success could be very different from your child’s. Some people might measure success based on one’s financial standing. Others would look for fame and power. And then some would measure success in terms of love and relationships. The only common barometer to success is happiness. Happy people are successful people. Let your child pick his or her own success barometer. That’s the only way you can ensure their success and happiness.

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