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14 Common Traits of Highly Successful Women

14 Common Traits of Highly Successful Women

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Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.
— Anne Sweeney (President of Walt Disney)

Who do you look up to? Who is your personal hero? Who’s the woman you admire the most? Is it your perfectly contented mother, your insanely successful boss or the very beautiful movie star? No matter who you considers as your inspiration, to your mind, she leads a pleasurable, dynamic, and meaningful life. And that’s the life you also covet for yourself.

The concept of success is relative. Your idea of success might be different from anybody else’s. Know what are important to you and what you consider as components of a successful life. Is it fame, fortune, properties, friends, power, freedom? The key is to achieve your own kind of success.

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How do you go from your position now to that hoped for life? Here are the most common traits of highly successful women. Imitation is indeed a compliment, and it can also lead us to the same road of success they enjoy.

1.       They do everything with passion

It’s either they do it with passion or they don’t do it at all. Successful women do things with their heart. They believe in what they do and give their all to it. Their love and dedication to their profession, craft, or business is the root of their persistence and hard work, which ultimately bring them to success.

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2.       They marry well, or stay single

Successful women have supportive partners, a great family life, or are single ladies. They can be the happiest wives and partners, a most dedicated single mom, or living on her own. They know that husbands, boyfriends, or partners can only be supportive or distractive. They cannot afford the distraction.

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3.       They are risk takers

Successful women do not live in comfort zones or bubble wraps. They know that good things do not just land in their laps, they have to want it and work for it. That means going out of their comfort zones and doing things that might sacrifice certain aspect of their comfortable and safe life. They know there are risks, they’ll take that too.

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4.       They define their own idea of success

The secret to success is knowing what you want and achieving your dreams. Successful women do not pattern their lives to her neighbors or friends. She only competes with herself. She runs her own race. She doesn’t care if her friends have big houses, brand new cars or the latest iPhone. She knows what makes her happy and she doesn’t care if her idea of success is different.

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5.       They have a goal, and they know they will achieve it

They believe in themselves. Of course, they have reserves and doubts, but they are able to overcome their fears and misgivings. Once they’ve set a goal, they will learn and work their way to it. They know that achieving that goal is the only way they are done, not when it gets too difficult, and not when they get too tired.

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6.       They recognize failure as part of the success process

Success is the result of multiple failures. The most successful people recognize the process of achieving a successful life. It includes a lot of setbacks, tests, U-turns, re-works, and challenges. A diamond to shine has to be polished. Just like the diamond, a person has to shed her smudges and dull crusts in order to shine.  

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7.       They don’t covet perfection

Successful people are contented with the thought that they’ve their best. They don’t aim for perfection, they know it’s impossible. They only work to get as closest to perfection as they can get. Their best is just as good as perfect.

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8.       They are learners

The most successful people are the listeners, the readers, and the learners. They invest in self-enrichment. They know that their knowledge and skills are their best tools to achievement. Learning new things will lead them to higher grounds, new adventures and endeavors, and more success.

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9.       They are grateful, and they give back

They are grateful for the achievements and to the people who have helped them in one way or another. And they will look back and give back. They share earnings with employees, help the needy, or donate their time and resources to a cause they choose.

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10.   They enjoy their own company

A successful woman is more likely to crave for a ‘me’ time than being around friends, family, or a throng of admirers. They enjoy their own company that they plan for it. They set time to be alone and they cherish every moment they get to spend on their own.

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11.   They take care of their health

Sensible and successful women value their health, and they would never do anything that would jeopardize it. A sick day is a day lost, and they avoid it at all cost. They eat healthy, exercise, avoid vices, and work sensibly.

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12.   They nurture real relationships

One can never be truly successful on her own. Successful people know and acknowledge the support and inspiration they receive from the people around them. They have few close friends and family who they value and have true relationships with.

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13.   They celebrate small feats

An achievement is something to celebrate for, no matter how insignificant or small. They recognize and celebrate the sales goal achieved, the new puppy trick learned by their dog, or the new recipe learned. Celebrations don’t have to be a grandiose affair, it can be an indulging sweet dessert, a movie treat, or a day off work!

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14.   They love the life they have

The happiest people are also the most successful. They are the ones who are contented with the life they lead. If they are unhappy with their current situation, they will simply change the way they live.

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Live the life you want to be. Start acting like the successful woman you aspire to become one day. Acquiring wealth is only part of the success package. The really successful know that money is not the end-all and be-all of their efforts. What really matters and what gives them happiness is the ability to help others and make a difference to the people around you and to the society that you live in. Know what makes you happy and your definition of success, stick with it and it will bring you your life’s achievements.


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