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50 Deepest Regrets of a Woman

50 Deepest Regrets of a Woman

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Fear is stupid. So are regrets.
— Marilyn Monroe

Looking back, what do you see? Do you see a wasted life or well-lived happy days? Are you full of regrets and wished you could go back and change how you lived? Or smile reminiscing the old days of your youth? Unfortunately, you can never go back and relive your life as your wiser self would have wanted to. You’re only left with regrets. We have listed 50 of the biggest regrets of a woman. Read on, and keep it out of your list.

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1.       Staying too long in a bad relationship. You owe it to yourself to walk away from anything that is pulling you down in any way. Make yourself as your priority.

2.       Not travelling enough. Life is too short, and the world is so big. Travel whenever you can.

3.       Not travelling alone. A woman should travel alone at least once in her lifetime. She should learn how wonderful to be alone, independent, and catering to nobody’s whims and comfort but her own.

4.       Focusing on the flaws too much. What do you see in the mirror? The flab? The pimple? The stretchmarks? Everyone else has flaws too, nothing special there.

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5.       Not realizing how beautiful I am. Don’t be the woman who would look into her old photos and realize too late how lustrous her hair was, how adorable her freckles was, and how lovely her carefree smile was. See her today.

6.       Too little time spent with my kids while they’re young. Spend quality time with your kids as much as you can. Play with them, read to them, have fun with them. Before you know it, they’re out of the house living their own life.

7.       Not helping enough. Take every opportunity you have to help others in need. Pick up that stray cat, take a homeless person to lunch, or do the laundry for a sick friend. Helping feels so wonderful and karma will be good to you!

8.       Not trusting myself enough. Nothing more regretful than believing other people opinion then realizing how right you are all along.

9.       Staying on a hated job too long. Can’t leave the job that pays your bills? Believe me, there will be another opportunity for you to earn money, one that comes with better pay, better boss, and happier environments.

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10.   Not trying hard enough at school. Just bumbling through school, working just enough to pass and graduate? You might be regretting the lost opportunity to learn and earn a solid advantage once you enter the real world.

11.   Always rushing things up. Children wish they were teens, high school kids want to be in college, young moms want their children to grow up fast. You can never get back in time. Don’t rush things, enjoy the moment as much as you can.

12.   Having kids too late. Older moms wished they had kids while they were younger so they can more time with them, and see their grandchildren grow too.

13.   Having kids too early. Young mothers wished they have traveled, established a career, and enjoyed the carefree life first before kids.

14.   Putting career over family. To your job, you are the best person, to your family, you are the only person. The company can always find a substitute, nobody is indispensable. To your family, you are not irreplaceable.  

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15.   Not spending more time with my sisters. Sisters are your first best friends in life. You share a familial bond, you grew up together, and their children are yours first friends.

16.   Not spending more time with my mom. Don’t miss out every opportunity you have to spend time with your mom. She will appreciate every moment you will have together.

17.   Being afraid too much. Fear is crippling, but only to those who succumb. Fighting and overcoming fear will lead to extraordinary experiences and a life fully lived.

18.   Trying to fit the stereotype. Dyed your hair, worn heels, and read YA just because it’s what everyone else is into? Stick to your Shakespeare, ballet flats, and dark hair. These are what make you special.

19.   Not believing I’m worthy enough. Incredulous that he’s paid you attention? Women realized too late that they are worth every attention and adoration thrown their way.

20.   Not forgiving myself. Everyone commits mistakes. That’s how we learn life. Don’t be too hard on yourself, everyone has forgiven you and has forgotten about it. Move on.

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21.   Not taking the first move. Women are taught to be the submissive one and making the first move is a man’s prerogative. Not true.

22.   Striving for someone else’s idea of success. What are your goals in life? Are you struggling to be a high earning professional and afford a five bedroom house, two cars, private schools for your children, and yearly vacations to the Bahamas because it’s society’s measure of success? While dreaming of the quiet and peace of a farmer’s life, living in a cottage away from the city. It’s your life, and you only get to live it once. Do it how you want to.

23.   Harboring grudges. Nobody wins with grudges. And if there’s anyone who suffers most, it’s you. It poisons your life, kills your happiness, and drags you down. Let go.

24.   Taking life too seriously. Lighten up! Nobody gets out of life alive. It won’t matter too much if you dance in the rain, sing badly in the karaoke, or miss the deadline.

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25.   Striving for perfection. Useless work. Nobody is perfect, period.

26.   Not taking better care of my skin. Skin care gets more expensive as you grow older. Don’t skimp on moisturizers, never skip sunscreen and protection, and always keep your face clean, wash with gentle soap and water.

27.   Not being able to perform in front of a crowd. It doesn’t matter if you’re a performer or not, but a stage performance can give you confidence, sense of achievement, and a high like nothing else can.

28.   Losing touch of my friends. Do not let your busy life cut you off from your friends. Use technology to get in touch once in a while.

29.   Not returning to my hometown, at least once. Going back to where you grew up, or spent the happiest and carefree days of your life is empowering. It will give you a better perspective of who you are and what you want in life.

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30.   Not breaking the rules, when you need to. Choosing to follow the rules even when it feels wrong is unfortunate. Do not let it hound you for the rest of your life.

31.   Not taking care of my health. Drinking too much, eating unhealthy, or working too hard will burn you out. Your body will suffer, if not today, later in life.

32.   Not chasing my passion. I wanted to be a cake baker, but I was afraid I won’t be able to pay the rent or buy me a car, so I became a banker. Today I spend all my time dreaming of the bakery I could have had.

33.   Not listening to my parents. Becoming a parent is the biggest eye-opener. You’ll soon realize how right your parents have been, that they were only looking after your best interest.

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34.   Not spending enough time with my grandparents. Grandparents are special people who loves you so much, and spending time with them is simply magical. Visit, call, and spend time with them as much as you can.

35.   Agreeing too much. Saying YES too much will make you unhappy. You can smile, compliment people, and be positive all the time. But compromising your own plans, space, and happiness should stop. Learn to say NO.

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36.   Caught up with too much drama. Too much drama is tiring. Avoid wasting time and energy, stay away from people and situations that thrives on drama.

37.   Not appreciating enough. Everything is a gift. Be thankful for all the little things that comes your way. You have no idea blessed you are.

38.   Not loving my body as it is. Hating your thighs will not make it slimmer. You only end up hating and bitter. Love your body, it’s the only one you’ll have. Other loves it, your partner loves it.

39.   Giving up on my dreams. I was training to be a ballerina, then marriage and children came. I love my family, but I should have gone back to dancing as soon as I can. I shouldn’t let anything stopped me from pursuing my dream.

40.   Not being able to live on my own. Every woman should be able to live on her own. No parents, no boyfriend, no children. Just her and her life.

41.   Not doing something risky. Doing something risky, exciting, and stupid even will give something to smile at when you’re older. You will remember the crazy things – jumping off the cliff, kissing a boy, or getting drunk the first time. Happy thoughts when you were young, restless, and crazy.

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42.   Not saving enough. Save as much as you can, while you can. There will come a time when you won’t be able to work and earn as much, and then there’s your healthcare to think of.

43.   Feeling ashamed for speaking out. Speaking out is not shameful, it is empowering. Let people know your ideas, your views, and your stand. Having a voice is powerful.

44.   Not spending my money how I want to. Frugality is important, but do not let it stop you from buying things that make you happy. Moderation is the key. Go ahead, buy those shoes, take that vacation, or get yourself a new coat.

45.   Not taking enough pictures of myself. I found an odd picture of myself when I was a young woman. I was amazed. I looked for more, but couldn’t find another one. Take as many pictures as you can, they will be your treasure one day.

46.   Not buying a house soon enough. Real estate is the safest type of investment. Buying a house while you’re still young will force you to save up, keep you from wasting money, and get you started on the real estate ladder.

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47.   Not letting myself just be happy. I used to worry whenever everything seem perfect, expecting something to go wrong anytime soon. Worrying took away my chance to be truly happy.

48.   Apologizing too much. Do not apologize for being too tall, for your naturally loud laugh, or for being a lousy cook. Be you, and let them deal with it.

49.   Not putting myself first. Giving up your happiness for others – your husband, parents, or friends, can be happy will destroy you. Love yourself and follow your heart all the time. Make yourself your priority.

50.   Not saying ‘I love you’ enough. I stopped kissing and saying ‘I love you’ to my kids when they started rolling their eyes and told me I’m being melodramatic. Now, I’m afraid to say the words that speaks my feelings. I wish is didn’t stop.         

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